Soulfully Smooth to Suit Your Style! Jazz R&B Contemporary Pop Ensemble * Servicing Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties


05/10/2017 2:59am

We know music is change wit time and music instrument is also change. New instrument is work with electricity and it is very young base. This band is famous and it gives the pop music.

05/17/2017 2:36am

Jimmy Fallon is an awesome guy. I love his TV show so much! What about you?

06/07/2017 12:25am

Mariah is so sweet! Her voice is perfect!

07/06/2017 11:40pm

I like this episode so much! Very nice! Thanks for reminding me this video!

09/16/2017 4:26am

I should say thank you very much for this thought. It gives me more knowledge on this issue.


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